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DHS- Major General Franklin Kirby (James Olsen) in Commando

Gen. Kirby

Major General Franklin Kirby is a supporting character and high-ranking military bureaucrat in 1985's Commando. He is portrayed by veteran actor James Olson.

Character Summary[]

Kirby is established to be an older colleague of John Matrix who attempts to re-recruit Matrix for another special forces mission to which Matrix refuses.

After a showdown at the mall with some of Arius' men, Kirby puts Matrix under house arrest with his men Jackson and Harris guarding Matrix in his quarters. After both of Kirby's men are killed by Diaz and another one of Arius' henchman, Matrix busts out of his house and continues his mission to save his daughter and complete his sworn vengeance upon Arius and traitorous madman Bennett.

Kirby arrives at the shores of Val Verde just in time to see that Matrix has completed his mission and is reuniting with Cindy and his daughter Jenny. Kirby attempts to once again contract Matrix for another so-called fulfilling mission with many benefits but Matrix once again turns his offer down.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • General Kirby has been likened by movie fans and critics to Colonel Samuel "Sam" Trautman (played by Richard Crenna) in the Rambo: First Blood film trilogy and original novel that inspired those films. This is due to Kirby being one of the few who understands Matrix much like Col. Trautman is one of the few who knows what makes Rambo tick respectively.