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The Peacekeeper Frank Cross

Major Frank Cross was played by Dolph Lundgren in The Peacekeeper. He is the film's primary hero.

He has a family and is responsible for the Black Bag on the President´s decision, a job he is forced to do to avoid being court-martialed for throwing food to Kurdish refugees against orders.

The President and his staff break the rules and separate him from the President in his wish for privacy to the extent of sending him to another place in the hotel they are in reducing his own protection on the way. The terrorists take advantage of it and, after taking out the two guards, they try to kill him, but fail. Still they rob the suitcase from him, but he is determined to recover it and has to fight against the terrorist for it, who take over a nuclear silo in order to use the missiles for their own reasons led by Lt. Colonel Douglas Murphy who wants revenge on the President for the killing of his men and the attempted killing on him in Iraq for political reasons. On the way he teams up with Lt. Colonel Northrop.

After succeeding, he becomes friends with Lt. Colonel Northrop. When the President wants to meet with him, he, like Northrop, doesn´t want to meet him because of his role in the event and takes the suitcase with him.