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DHS- Dylan McDermott as Lazerov in Edison Force (2005)

Sgt. Lazerov

Police Sgt. Francis Lazerov was a supporting antagonist and corrupt police officer seen in 2005's Edison Force. He was portrayed by actor Dylan McDermott.

Character Summary[]

Being a high ranking member of the corrupt police unit, F.R.A.T., Lazerov was partners with Ofc. Raphael Deed and was seen guffawing maniacally after killing some armed bank robbers.

After trying to find out who was leaking the news about their police squad's corruption scandal, Lazerov ended up being killed off via begin shot in the head by other member of the police squad after they initiated a bank robbery while in disguise as bank robbers and after fighting with his partner who was reluctant to carry out more of the illegal operations.