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"You know what the best part is? The price!"
―Cooke to Forrestal [src]
DHS- car salesman Forrestal (Michael DeLano) in Commando



Forrestal's death.

Forrestal was a minor character briefly seen in 1985's Commando. He was portrayed by actor Michael DeLano.

Character Summary[]

After Cooke had murdered John Matrix retired Delta Force buddy, Lawson, with the help of Diaz and another one of Arius' unseen drivers, Cooke decided to go and find a quick car to snatch away as part of his other criminal activities which were mostly kept mysterious throughout the course of the film.

After Forrestal convinced him which car was right for him, Cooke willingly got into the car as there were no witnesses since he was presumably the only customer in the independent car shop. Forrestal, being a witty type, kept asking Cooke what he thought and since he had no idea that Cooke didn't actually intend to compensate for the release of one of his car items, was suddenly run over by Cooke as Cooke sped through the car shop's window, leaving Forrestal fatally injured and lying on the concrete pavement outside.