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Evelyn Salt in a firefight shoot out

Evelyn Salt

Salt is the main protagonist in the movie Salt. She was portrayed by Angelina Jolie.


Evelyn is a trained CIA operative who's parents were killed when she was young. Born in Russia, she was moved to the US by the Russians and would later kill the President. During an interview with her former instructor, Vassily Orlov, Vassily claimed that Salt was a spy. She claimed otherwise and went under quarrantine in the CIA building. She easily managed to escape and went to her house where she found her husband, an expert on spiders, had been taken. She retrieved some venom from the spiders and put them in her bullets. The CIA came to her apartment and she escaped.

DHS- Evelyn Salt goes into hiding

After engaging in a firefight with the police, she escaped and met with Vassily. She was sent to kill the Russian President and at a meeting, launched charges beneath the president and shot him at point blank range. She was taken captive and her partner, Ted Winters, screamed at her. The Russians broke her out and she went to their base. Her husband however was shot and killed and she killed Vassily as well as other Russians. She met up with a fellow member and they both disguised themself as federal agents and waited for the President to pass through the building, (The Pentagon.).

Evelyn Salt in car

Evelyn's main disguise

Her partner shot at the president and used bombs strapped to his chest to kill several guards. The President was sent to the bunker with Ted Winters and several other Federal agents. Ted shot many of the guards and told the president he was the Russian agent and wanted the nuclear launch code to send missiles to the Middle East. Salt came to try and help, but Winters saw on the tv, that the Russian President was alive and was in a state of paralysis due to spider posion in the bullets. The two engaged in a fight. Salt stopped him and stopped the launch. When the other federal agents came to rescue the president, Winters claimed that Salt started the launch and they arrested her.

Salt killed Winters and was sent to a helicopter with the head of the CIA. She convinced him she was innocent and escaped.

Alternate Storyline[]

As partly to make the film and protagonist more relatable to audiences, director Philip Noyce had there be an unrated director's cut available on DVD. This version has also been aired on FX cable network occasionally and features Salt's mentor Vassily surviving Evelyn's initial retaliation after she kills his other cohorts.

However, Salt later tracks down Vassily at a palace he's residing at after escaping from the copter and ends up drowning him after planting bombs on the palace in order to kill other young sleeper agents in progress.