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DHS- Escape Under Pressure dvd cover

Escape Under Pressure (A.K.A. The Cruel Deep) is a 2000 DTV action-disaster thriller directed by Jean Pellerin and written by Jim Christopher and Phillip J. Roth (who also did second-unit direction and co-produced the film).

The film stars Rob Lowe, Larisa Miller, Craig Wasson, Harry Van Gorkum, Scott Anthony Viscomi, Stanley Kamel, Mike White and Michael Cavanaugh.


Elgin Bates, a billionaire art collector, hires a British sociopath to help him find a priceless, long-lost, storied sculpture. Bates's man unearths the sculpture in Greece, but it's taken from him by Athens customs agents and put on a tourist ship bound for a museum on Lesbos. En route, Bates's hired guns hijack the ship, start a fire fight with soldiers guarding the statue, and prepare to rendezvous with a sub in Bates's hire. On the ship are a scholar and her daredevil husband. She recognizes the statue and grabs it before the sociopath can. With the ship sinking, she and her husband are under figurative and literal pressure to find a way to escape with their lives and the statue.