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DHS- William Forsythe in The Rock

Ernest Paxton is an FBI Agent and one of the characters in the 1996 film, The Rock. He is portrayed by William Forsythe.


Ernest Paxton is one of the FBI Agents in charge of the operation to stop General Frank Hummel from launching missiles with VX Nerve Gas at San Francisco, if they do not make his demands. He is greeted by FBI Chemical Specialist Stanley Goodspeed who takes part in the operation to disarmed the missiles carrying the gas. When interrogating John Mason, who is the known prisoner to escape Alcatraz Island and has been lock up for 30 years and is told by Womack that he doesn't exist. He took the role of bad cop while interrogation and Goodspeed playing good cop. Like Goodspeed, he witness Womack tore up Mason's pardon, despite that it was federal document which is illegal to tear up.