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Eric Rayburn

Eric Rayburn was a supporting inept character on the second season of "24" and was played by actor Timothy Carhart.

Rayburn was the deputy head of NSA under Roger Stanton during Day 2. From the first word of a possible terrorist attack, Rayburn pushed President David Palmer to prepare a retaliative strike against a Middle Eastern country with ties to Second Wave.

Day 2 Summary[]

Rayburn was at Northwest Regional Operations Complex when David Palmer arrived, and told him that he might not be able to make some of the commitments he wanted to because of the gravity of the terrorist threat. Rayburn said that there were representatives from all branches of the military as well as FBI and CIA, and that Mike Novick was on a plane heading towards them. As Palmer arrived in the sub-basement of the Complex, Rayburn began the conference with all the heads of the military by stating that there was a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists on U.S. soil in Los Angeles.

Lynne went to Rayburn with intel from Jack Bauer about an upcoming attack by Joseph Wald's crew on CTU Los Angeles. Rayburn understood that the terrorists wanted to cripple CTU's investigation to divert attention away from the main attack. However, he was resistant to tell CTU about the attack because it would blow Jack's cover. Lynne said that it was the President's decision, but Rayburn reminded her that he was busy with the media. While the President was away, he told her that it was his call. She stormed away in frustration with his decision.

After Lynne told Palmer that she and Rayburn knew of the threat to CTU thirty minutes before the attack, Palmer had SS Agent John and another agent escort Rayburn into his office so he could fire him. Rayburn tried to justify his decision, but Palmer told Secret Service to take him away, and told Rayburn that Agent Armus was waiting to speak with him. Rayburn's boss, Roger Stanton, quickly took Rayburn's former place at Palmer's side.