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"When they come for us, you're gonna die first. Understand me?"
―Emil Stenz to the eleven year-old Emily Cale.

Stenz in White House Down.

Emil Stenz is a psychotic, revenge-driven second in-command of the mercenaries that take over the White House and is the tertiary antagonist in White House Down.

He carried a Ruger SR9-C as his main sidearm and was played by Jason Clarke.

White House Down[]

A former member of the United States Army Delta Force, Emil Stenz once carried out black ops missions, but was disavowed and burned on mission, leading to his capture by the Taliban, making his involvement one of retribution. Stenz is the only one out of all his mercenaries who knows the true agenda behind the terrorist attack, nuking Iran rather than getting $400 million from the Federal Reserve. His mercenaries were disguised as video technicians, so they already were in the White House when the Capitol Building was bombed, sending the local police and secret service into mad confusion.

Stenz seized the opportunity, taking a count of all the agents in the White House and marching through the halls with his men, murdering them all. Stenz became very malicious towards John Cale after Cale killed one of his friends and fellow mercenary, Bobby. He is also very hostile towards Cale's daughter, Emily (especially after learning that she had recorded the identities him and his men uploaded it onto YouTube via her cell phone, causing the recording to go public), as he threatens to kill her twice. He tried to kill Cale numerous times throughout the film and wound up fighting him to the death. However, he lost when Cale wrapped a belt of armed grenades around his neck, which detonated, killing him. He died on October 4, 2014.

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