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Edge of Insanity is a horror thriller starring Ali Daniels, Douglas Sidney, Danielle Palmer, Chelsea Ann Lawrence, Lara Trujillo, Chase Otis, Lara Hage, Stephen Hage, Maevyn Allen, Briana Rose, Lee Fillingsness, Colin Healey, AJ Bowen and Scout Taylor Compton.


A girl realizes that her family/friends have disowned all essential aspect and essentials that she offered to doctors, officers, nurses, neighbors, employees and patrons at a shop that is by her home, forcing herself to find help, but at what cost.


•Ali Daniels as Makenzie

•Douglas Sidney as Maxwell

•Danielle Palmer as Agent

•Chelsea Ann Lawrence as Friend

•Lara Trujillo as Wife

•Chase Otis as Reading (voice)

•Lara Hage as Employee #5

•Stephen Hage as Pathologist

•Maevyn Allen as Mack

•Briana Rose as Realtor

•Lee Fillingsness as Bar Patron

•Colin Healey as Bar Patron

•AJ Bowen as Freeman

•Scout Taylor Compton as Rylee

•((;other cast includes: Ryan Gilmer as Officer Ward, HT Altman as Officer #2, Cole Meyer as Hairy Officer, Punnavith Koy as Police Officer, Michael Borka as Officer #3, Trent Moore as Police Officer, respectively;)).


Filming took place in Mankato, Minnesota and outside Saint Cloud, Minnesota.


It took place for over year because of extreme measures taken during 2018-2020.


Although almost half the movie is not what you expect especially from a horror movie. Brad Brian, from a notion of Dailydead did say "If you like Dawn of the Dead or even Pontypool .. you'll like Edge of Insanity".

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