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Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman is a minor villain in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies played by actor Vincent Schiavelli.

Character Summary[]

Tasked by Elliot Carver, Kaufman kills the former's wife Paris who was the ex-lover of James Bond. When Bond arrives in the hotel suite he finds Paris' body and is then alarmed by the news in the TV which say that the Body of Paris Carver was found next to an unarmed man. He is then threatened by Kaufman who aims at him with a gun. As Kaufman was ordered to make it seem like Bond killed Paris and then commited suicide, the hitman orders Bond to lie down next to the dead women.

He then brags about his expertise as a killer, claiming to be especially good at the "celebrity overdose". However, Bond is saved when Kaufman is called by Stamper, who tells him that his henchmen who tried to break into Bond's car failed. Kaufman then tells Bond that he is embarassed that he now has to ask how to open the car. Bond then goads Kaufman into taking his mobile phone, telling him that it opens the car. Kaufman takes the phone and tries to phone the number Bond told him, but is shocked by a taser built into the phone. Bond attacks Kaufman and aims the killers gun at his head and despite Kaufman's pleads executes him.