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The Peacekeeper Murphy

Lt. Colonel Douglas Murphy was played by Michael Sarrazin in The Peacekeeper.

He had a distinguished career as a marine and was sent to many military missions. Before Operation Desert Storm, he was sent to Iraq to take out Hussein, but he and his men are killed under orders of his superior, the now President Robert Baker to avoid a second Iran after he and his staff came to the conclusion, that the mission was not the right one at the moment. The event turned him into a madman and he has therefore returned hellbent on revenge against him. For this purpose he wants to use nuclear missiles in a nuclear bunker. The missiles are called Peacekeepers.

He gathers a team of mercenaries for this and destroys Mount Rushmore to get his attention. His purpose is to humiliate Baker to the core and then force him to helplessly see the destruction of Washington he is prepared to die and kill for as he helplessly had to see his men die. He achieves his purpose of humiliating him but is stopped by Frank from destroying Washington.

Cornered by Frank Cross, he commits suicide.