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Donnie the Guide in White House Down.

Donnie Donaldson is a tour guide of the White House and a secondary protagonist in White House Down.

He was portrayed by Nicholas Wright.

White House Down[]

He didn't seem to like tourists very much but loved his job and knew a great deal about the history of the White House. He denied the existance of secret tunnels underneath the White House, which JFK allegedly used to sneak Marilyn Monroe into the mansion, however it was later revealed that Donnie either was lying or didn't know what he was talking about, because these tunnels do exist, as confirmed by Carol Finnerty. John Cale remarks on this, saying that "Donnie's goona be pissed!".

Donnie started to get annoyed when Emily Cale was the only one to answer his questions, however was trapped with the other hostages when the mercenaries took over the White House, while John Cale managed to break away and start fighting the terrorists. Meanwhile, Carl Killick is assigned to watch over the hostages and puts his boots on a table from the 19th century. Donnie respectfully protests the maltreatment of aged furniture but Killick responds by using the stock of his APC-9 submachine gun to smash a priceless Ming vase given to the president by Queen Elizabeth. Donnie sits down, not wanting more artifacts to be destroyed, although the two have many run-ins over the course of the film. He later risks his life to protect Emily, and cheers her up by talking to her and keeping the hostages calm through the ordeal.

Donnie saves John from Killick by using an old metal clock to bludgeon the terrorist, mostlikely killing him. This avenged the artifacts Killick broke to spite Donnie. Cale then gave Donnie a Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun for protection and told him to escort the hostages outside to safety. He managed to get the hostages out in time.

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