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DHS- Donald (Dennis Haysbert) in Heat (1995)

Donald Breedan

Donald Breedan was a supporting antagonist and the getaway driving member of Neil McCauley's robbery crew portrayed by Dennis Haysbert in 1995's Heat.

Character Summary[]

Having previously been a Folsom prison inmate and being paroled, Breedan worked to get his life back together with the help from his partner Lillian. Donald takes a job at a diner where he is down trodden and loathed by his boss for being seen only as a ex-con and not a person

Donald is angered and upset about how his post-prison life is turning out. After his first day of work, Lillian finds him in a bar drunk, crying but still composed. she asks Donald if he can hang on to the job until something better comes along, to which Donald replies that he can handle it much like any other conflict he's ever experienced.

Neil McCauley recognize's Donald when Neil is waiting for his crew to meet before the bank heist. Neil is called by Trejo, the current driver of his crew, that the police are tailing Trejo and that he can't meet him there and will have to remove himself from the heist to protect the rest of the crew. Neil approaches Donald saying he needs a skilled "wheel man", Neil asks if Breedan wants to join the crew after a brief catchup, Donald takes a minute to think. After pondering his current predicament, Donald decides he'll be returning to a life of crime and shoves his boss away stating he's quitting and won't have to put up with any more disputes.

After Neil, Chris Shiherlis and Michael Cheritto are exiting the bank, a gunfight erupts between them and Vincent Hanna's partner Bosko. After Chris guns down Bosko and forces LAPD homicide members Casals and Drucker to take cover, Donald gets everyone in the car and quickly drives off only to be blocked by a road block. Moments later, Donald was shot in the head and crashed the car, forcing the robbers to get out.

After the robbery shootout had taken place, Lillian witnessed a visual of Donald's mugshot on a bar room TV with a newscaster reporting his involvement and death in the heist.