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DHS- Dominic Greene, villain in 007 Quantum of Solace

Dominic Greene

Dominic Greene was the primary antagonist in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and the videogame of the same name. He is portrayed in both appearances by actor Mathieu Amalric.

Character Backstory[]

Greene run an organisation called "Greene Planet", which is supposedly devoted to buying up large sums of land for ecological preservation. He was secretly a member of Quantum, a criminal organization which accrues power and influence through world finance and geopolitics in addition to spearheading their Tierra Project in Bolivia.

When showing Camille the body of her informant, he relates the story of how when he was 15, he had a crush on one of his mother’s piano students. He overheard his mother saying mean things about him. Angry, he presumably killed his mother with an iron.

Character Summary[]

An intelligent, ambitious, cunning and manipulative sociopath, Greene shows a highly opinionated and callous personality. He is quite a social climber, well-respected for his wealth, intellect and so-called ambitions. However, underneath it all, he is a cruel, malicious and arrogant man. He covers his tracks splendidly and knows quite a bit about how the Secret Services of the world work.

He was highly well-connected, and was able to side with the Bolivian chief of police and General Medrano. Greene was quite cunning and manages to blackmail Medrano into signing over the money that Greene demanded (double of what they had previously agreed), at the same time showing to Medrano how ruthless Quantum can be and that Medrano, whether he likes it or not, is completely expendable to them.

Dominic was extremely devious and nobody can predict what his next move is going to be. Unfortunately, he has a habit of picking the wrong people to side with: He loses General Medrano to Camille, and beforehand he loses the Bolivian chief of police to James Bond. He was sadistic, taunting Bond when the latter believes Camille to have been killed by General Medrano. This shows him to be quite reckless, as Greene was about to fall to his death when he taunted Bond, who could have easily killed him for that remark. Greene was a coward, and did whatever he could to escape Quantum, and the wrath of James Bond, after he revealed every last secret of his secret organisation.