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Dolph Lundgren
DHS- actor Dolph Lundgren
Name: Hans Lundgren
Birthplace: Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden
Birthdate: November 3, 1957
Active: 1983–present
Films appeared in: The Punisher (1989 film)
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Men of War
Johnny Mnemonic
Silent Trigger
The Peacekeeper
Storm Catcher
Agent Red
Hidden Agenda
The Defender
The Mechanik
Direct Contact
Command Performance
Icarus, The Killing Machine
The Expendables
Stash House
The Expendables 2
One in the Chamber
The Package
The Expendables 3
Skin Trade
Role: Frank Castle (The Punisher)
Sgt. Chris Kenner (Showdown in Little Tokyo)
Nick Gunar (Men of War)
Street Preacher (Johnny Mnemonic)
Waxman "The Shooter" (Silent Trigger)
Major Frank Cross (The Peacekeeper)
Christian Erickson (Sweepers)
Major Jack Holloway (Storm Catcher)
Matt Hendricks (Agent Red)
Jason Price (Hidden Agenda)
Sam Decker (Detention)
John Foster (Retrograde)
Lance Rockford (The Defender)
Nikolai "Nick" Cherenko (The Mechanik)
Mike Riggins (Direct Contact)
Joe (Command Performance)
Edward Genn (Icarus)
Marco (Chuck)
Aleksey Andreev (One in the Chamber)
Andy Spector (Stash House)
The German (The Package)
Gunner Jensen (The Expendables series)
Nick Cassidy (Skin Trade)

Dolph Lundgren (born November 3, 1957) is a famous 80s and 90s action/adventure star who's perhaps best known for his muscular-laden roles and appearing in cult films such as Rocky IV, Dark Angel (A.K.A. I Come in Peace), Johnny Mnemonic (with Keanu Reeves and Ice-T) and The Expendables movie franchise (with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li and Jason Statham headlining the proceedings).

Lundgren appeared in various Die Hard knock-offs: one of the first ones he did was 1997's The Peacekeeper (with Roy Scheider), the 1999 Broken Arrow rip-off Storm Catcher, the 2000 low-budget DTV Damian Lee and Jim Wynorski production Agent Red, the 2003 film Detention (which bares resemblance to 1991's Toy Soldiers) and the 2009 film Command Performance (which was also co-written and directed by Lundgren himself).