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Night Watch (also known as Detonator II: Night Watch) is a 1995 American television spy film which is a sequel to the earlier Brosnan vehicle Detonator (A.K.A. Death Train). Returning are director and writer David Jackson and original stars Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul.


UN agents Mike Graham (Brosnan) and Sabrina Carver (Alexandra Paul) are sent by their director Nick Caldwell to investigate the theft of Rembrandt's painting, The Night Watch. The trail takes them from Amsterdam initially to Hong Kong and involves them in not only art theft and forgery, but in the more serious high-tech schemes of Martin Schraeder and his bald North Korean cohort Mao Yixin.

Cast of Characters[]

  • Pierce Brosnan as Michael 'Mike' Graham
  • Alexandra Paul as Sabrina Carver
  • William Devane as Nick Caldwell
  • Michael J. Shannon as Martin Schraeder
  • Lim Kay Siu as Mao Yixin (as Lim Kay Siu)
  • Irene Ng as Myra Tang
  • Hidde Maas as Miles Van Dehn
  • Tom Jansen as Insp. De Jongh
  • Tomaslav Ralis as Louis Armand
  • Harold Bone as Lemmer
  • Rolf Saxon as Fisk
  • Natalie Roles as Jennifer
  • Kate Harper as Psychologist
  • Mark King as Luke Sheehan
  • Terry Diab as Voice of U.N.A.C.O.
  • Ron Berglas as Roger Flint
  • Suncana Zelenika as Stephanie
  • Ron Li-Paz as New York Broker
  • Jasna Bilusic as Amsterdam G.N.N. Reporter
  • Swee Lin Neo as Croupier (as Swee-Lin)
  • Goran Višnjić as UN security officer
  • Rex Wei as Korean Ship Captain
  • Adrian Pang as Korean Technician
  • Ed Miller as Hong Kong C.I.A. Technician

Background information and notes[]

  • Detonator II: Night Watch is available on Region 1 DVD both individually and bundled as a double pack with Detonator (A.K.A. Death Train).
  • The film, also known as Alistair MacLean's Nightwatch, was shot in Hong Kong. The film aired on the USA Network cable station.

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