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DHS- Death Train (A.K.A

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Detonator (A.K.A. Death Train) is a 1993 telefilm that originally aired on the USA Network. It was inspired by Alistair McLean's outdated spy novels and was written and directed by David S. Jackson. It was followed by another sequel, Detonator II: Night Watch, which aired on the same network in 1995. Both films later got DVD releases by New Line Home Video along with another Pierce Brosnan Die Hard scenario film Live Wire.


A German scientist helps a Soviet general (Christopher Lee) construct two nuclear bombs, one of which is being transported across Europe by a mercenary on a train. Malcolm Philpott (Patrick Stewart), a member of UNACO, (United Nation Anti Crime Organisation), is tasked to stop the bomb using a team of agents, one of whom is Special Forces soldier Michael "Mike" Graham (Pierce Brosnan) and the beautiful sharpshooter Sabrina Carver (Alexandra Paul). Plutonium was stolen in order to make the bombs, and the only person who knows the combination to disarm them has been subjected to a vast amount of radiation and is slowly dying. Will they stop the general's army of men, led by leading madman Alex Tierney (Ted Levine), in time?


  • Pierce Brosnan as Michael ''Mike'' Graham
  • Patrick Stewart as Malcolm Philpott
  • Alexandra Paul as Sabrina Carver
  • Ted Levine as Alex Tierney
  • [[Christopher Lee as General Konstantin Benin
  • Andreas Jung as Leutnant Sergei Kolchinsky
  • David de Keyser as Dr. Karl Leitzig