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DHS- Depth Charge (2008) alternate movie poster for the film

'Depth Charge (A.K.A. U.S.S. Montana in other countries) is a TV movie released by RHI Entertainment, directed by Terrence O'Hara, written by Dennis Pratt. It stars Jason Gedrick, Chris Warren Jr. and Corbin Bernsen in heroic roles, Barry Bostwick as the President of the United States and Eric Roberts as the lead villain. Yorgo Constantine, Eyad Elbitar, Norman Mora, David Dayan Fisher, Maury Sterling, Deobia Oparei, Michelle C. Lee, Geoff Meed and Mark Kubr in supporting villainous henchmen roles.


On his final voyage a commandeer (Roberts) aboard a nuclear submarine is making a shocking bid for world peace. With the help of mercenaries he takes over the sub in order to hold Washington D.C. and the world hostage.