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Deobia Oparei
DHS- Deobia Oparei
Name: A.K.A. "DeObia Oparei" or "Dhobi Oparei"
Birthplace: London, UK
Birthdate: N/A
Active: 1990–present
Films appeared in: Doom
Depth Charge
Role: Sergeant Roark "Destroyer" Gannon (DOOM)
Gerard (Depth Charge)
Paramedic TJ (Dredd)

Deobia Oparei is a London born actor and playwright perhaps best known for his role as Destroyer in Doom, the Gunner in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (with Johnny Depp), as Thundarian in Your Highness and for his recurring role on "Game of Thrones" (with Lena Headey and Alexander Siddig). Other credits include: Alien 3, Dark City (with Kiefer Sutherland), Moulin Rouge! (with Nicole Kidman and John Leguizamo), The Foreigner (with Steven Seagal), 7 Seconds (with Wesley Snipes), Thick as Thieves (A.K.A. The Code, with Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell and Antonio Banderas), Death Race 2 (with Ving Rhames, Luke Goss and Danny Trejo, and directed by Roel Reiné) and Tula: The Revolt.

Oparei appeared in the Die Hard scenario films Doom, Depth Charge and Dredd.