Die Hard scenario Wiki
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Nationality: United Kingdom
Affiliation: Eric Qualen's group
Profession: Henchman
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot in chest with shotgun by Hal Tucker
Played by: Craig Fairbrass
Films: Cliffhanger
"Yeah? And you're a loud-mouth punk slag, who's about to die."
―Delmar to Hal.

Delmar was Eric Qualen's henchman and one of the more sadistic one of the bunch in Cliffhanger.

Character Biography[]

Little is known about Delmar, because he doesn't realy do much until towards the end of the film. Delmar is a sadistic and bad tempered British mercenary and bully who used to play soccer, therefore knowing how to kick and torture someone as a result. He has a particular distaste for the mercenary Kynette. Delmar was also the one who shot Search-and-Rescue pilot Frank to death when Hal Tucker tried to warn him about the danger.

Towards the film's ending, once within a reasonably close distance to the case, Travers leaves Delmar to kill Hal, only to find that Gabe has beaten him to the case once again. Delmar beats Hal and nearly kicks him off a cliff, but Hal stabs Delmar in one of his legs with a hidden knife and shoots the thug with his own Smith & Wesson 3000 pump action shotgun.


  • He is the only terrorist in the movie who was killed by Hal Tucker. Ironically, Tucker's actor Michael Rooker and Delmar's actor Craig Fairbrass would both go on to play popular NPCs in the Call of Duty video game franchise. Fairbrass would be known as the voice of Gaz, Ghost and Wallcroft in the Modern Warfare trilogy (where notably, in the first game Gaz's default appearance has him wear a brown tactical vest, which Fairbrass's character in the film wears too, while Gaz in the first game's level Crew Expendable, Ghost in the second game's gulag level and Wallcroft's appearance in the first and third games has them wearing the black jumpsuit that Delmar wears throughout the film, also in the aforementioned Crew Expendable, Gaz carries a shotgun with a stock as a secondary weapon which Delmar also carries as a secondary weapon, while it is also noteworthy that in the said level Gaz says "I like to keep this for close encounters" which was meant to reference Aliens, but can alternatively can be seen as a nod to Delmar's death in which he's killed by his own shotgun by close encounter and finally Wallcroft in the third game is armed with a fitted-stock MP5 with attachments which was also Delmar's main weapon of choice, but the only significant difference between Delmar and the three video game characters is while Delmar is unpleasant, homicidal, psychotic, despicable, ignoble and monstrous, Gaz, Ghost and Wallcroft are in contrast decent, professional, perfectly sane, likable, noble and heroic, so more or less Delmar can be seen as a retroactive villainous foil to his actor's later aforementioned video game characters) and later make a cameo appearance as the voice of Tee, a Black British character (ironic considering Fairbrass's character was hurling racial slurs to his African-American accomplice Kynette) in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, all developed by production studio Infinity Ward. Rooker would voice himself in the Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies DLC Call of the Dead and later voice and mo-cap Mike Harper in Call of Duty Black Ops II (note worthy-wise in a cut-scene where Rooker's character Harper was boxing with the game's main protagonist David Mason, he was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts which Rooker's film character Tucker was wearing in the film's opening set months before the main story, while in a game level set in the mall, Harper was wearing a sweater, long pants and a vest, the attire Rooker's character Tucker wears in the climax especially after taking off his jacket while confronting Fairbrass's character Delmar during the aforementioned torture scene), all developed by Treyarch. Tucker and Delmar confrontation and earlier clashing between them could be an analogy to the fact their actors would be working for two different developers for the Call of Duty franchise, Infinity Ward and Treyarch, which there is said to be a rivalry between the studios.
  • Delmar can also be considered a villainous foil to his actor's later other heroic and noble first person shooter voice over role as George Mason in the WWII-set Battlefield V. In contrast to Delmar's bad temper when clashing with other characters, Mason was more level-headed while bickering with the level's main character and his underling Billy Bridger (who also seemed to share some traits with Delmar, as both were criminals around the same age range who were part of money heists and are hot-blooded) that would include either dry witticisms, sarcasm or by flatly urging him to stop whining, while the way he handles being annoyed is with profanity in a calm tone or quiet disbelief unlike Delmar's own violent outbursts in his own way of responding to something that annoys him. Delmar's likening his torture of Tucker to a soccer game can be seen as dark parallel to Mason jovially singing "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" while fighting Nazi Germans and Stukas. Delmar's line that he snapped at Tucker, "FUCK THE MONEY AND FUCK YOU! I WASN'T BORN TO DIE ON A FUCKING MOUNTAIN!" is seemingly paraphrased for Mason's line in the level's beginning when he does a bank robber impersonation upon meeting Bridger the first time while bring up the latter's criminal father, "I'm Arthur fucking Bridger, gimme the fucking money!" Interestingly enough, both Mason and Bridger began their mission by rowing on their rafts from their ship in the ocean onto the beach before heading off to the front lines during the rainstorm, as while before Cliffhanger was ultimately chosen to be made, it was originally a Die Hard-in-a-hurricane action movie project titled Gale Storm and in the script this was how the terrorists first invaded the main protagonist's coastal town: rowing from a ship in the ocean on rafts onto the beach during a rainstorm just like in the beginning of the aforementioned Battlefield V level.
  • For his actions and personality in general, he is considered by far the darkest and vilest out of all the henchmen from the Die Hard scenario films.