Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Nationality: United Kingdom
Affiliation: Eric Qualen's group
Profession: Henchman
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot in chest with shotgun by Hal Tucker
Played by: Craig Fairbrass
Films: Cliffhanger
"Yeah? And you're a loud-mouth punk slag, who's about to die."
―Delmar to Hal.

Delmar was Eric Qualen's henchman and one of the more sadistic one of the bunch in Cliffhanger.

Character BiographyEdit

Little is known about Delmar, because he doesn't realy do much until towards the end of the film. Delmar is a sadistic and bad tempered British mercenary and bully who used to play soccer, therefore knowing how to kick and torture someone as a result. He has a particular distaste for the mercenary Kynette. Delmar was also the one who shot Search-and-Rescue pilot Frank to death when Hal Tucker tried to warn him about the danger.

Towards the film's ending, once within a reasonably close distance to the case, Travers leaves Delmar to kill Hal, only to find that Gabe has beaten him to the case once again. Delmar beats Hal and nearly kicks him off a cliff, but Hal stabs Delmar in one of his legs with a hidden knife and shoots the thug with his own Smith & Wesson 3000 pump action shotgun.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only terrorist in the movie who was killed by Hal Tucker.
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