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This is a list of deaths confirmed to have happened of Sudden Death.

Sudden Death[]

body count
Victim's name Killer's name Cause
1-2 Security officers (2) Toowey/Wootton Shot repeatedly
3 Civic Arena employee #1 Pratt Shot twice in chest
4 Secret Service agent #1 Toowey Shot repeatedly in chest
5 Secret Service agent #2 Wootton Shot repeatedly in chest
6 Mrs. Ferrara Scratch Shot dead
7 Secret Service agent #3 Wootton Shot in the back
8 Agent Eddie Caline Wootton/Joshua Foss Shot in the neck/shot in the head
9 Andrew Ferrara Joshua Foss Shot once in chest
10 Joan Carla (possibly) Shot in the head
11 Mayor Taylor's wife Joshua Foss Shot once in chest
12 Civic Arena employee #2 Carla Shot once in chest
13 Secret Service agent #4 Carla Shot once in the head, then shot two more times
14 Carla Darren McCord Strangled by mascot head strap held on dishwasher
15 Toowey Darren McCord Stabbed in the neck with a sharp bone
16 Secret Service agent #5 Foss's bomb Caught fire by car bombing
17 Police helicopter pilot Scratch Rocket destroying helicopter
18 SWAT officer #1 Scratch Rocket destroying helicopter
19 SWAT officer #2 Scratch Falls into the roof of car
20 Head security guard Foss's henchmen Shot in the head
21-24 Secret Service agents (4) Foss's henchmen Shot to death
25 Mayor Taylor Joshua Foss Shot twice in chest
26 Foss's henchman #1 Darren McCord Nail to the throat from makeshift nail-gun
27 Matthew Hallmark Darren McCord Burned by gasoline, clubbed by flashlight
28 Penguins players scout Brody Shot four times in chest
29 Secret Service Agent Blair Joshua Foss Shot once in the head
30 Foss's henchman #2 Darren McCord Kicked off the roof, slid on the dome
31 Foss's henchman #3 Darren McCord Tossed off roof/Falls off overhead light into the score display
32 Foss's henchman #4 Darren McCord Shot four times in chest
33 Hickey Darren McCord Shot three times in chest
34 Scratch Darren McCord Shot once in chest through helicopter
35 Foss's helicopter pilot Darren McCord Shot twice in chest through helicopter
36 Joshua Foss Darren McCord Helicopter crash/explosion on ice rink

Not Included[]

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified or they died off-camera.

Sudden Death[]

  • The girl died in the house fire that Darren McCord failed to save before the main events of the movie.
  • It is unknown what happened to several other of Joshua Foss's men during the mass-panic evacuation of Civic Arena. It is implied that either some got arrested, killed or got away during that time.