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Deadly Outbreak  (A.K.A. "Deadly Takeover") is a 1995 direct-to-video action film starring Jeff Speakman and directed by Rick Avery.


The film stars Speakman as Sergeant Dutton Hatfield (Speakman), a special services agent who must escort a group of scientists to a chemical plant in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, the plane carrying the scientists is hijacked by the evil Colonel Baron (Ron Silver) and his men, who assume their identities. As such, Hatfield unknowingly personally delivers the terrorists to the plant, which they then take over. Hatfield avoids capture and must find a way to defeat Baron before he can collect a ransom in return for not unleashing a deadly virus.


  • Stock footage from this film was used for the explosions and SWAT team footage seen in 2001's Ticker.