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Davis was a convict and background character in Firestorm where he was played by Jon Cuthbert.


Davis was a prisoner at the Wyoming State Penitentary, where he met Randall Shaye. He agreed to help Shaye by recruiting some other convicts to assist in a prison break. He approached and successfully recruited Loomis, Packer, Karge and Wilkins. Shaye took note of a recognizable tattoo on Davis' neck.

A forest fire erupted near the prison so a group of convicts were put on a bus and taken out to the woods to assist a crew of firemen in battling the blaze. Davis was on the register the join the group, but as he was shaving, Shaye appeared behind him and stabbed him in the neck. Shaye then picked up Davis' glasses and put them on.

Shaye was able to get on the bus by posing as Davis, complete with a fake tattoo on his neck. This helped Shaye to escape from prison and set off into the woods, where he eventually met his death at the hands of Jesse Graves.