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David Mason is a CIA agent and a protégée of "The November Man", Peter Devereaux. He ends up assisting the villain and realizing he's not clued into his framed mentor Peter is up to and ends up assisting Peter in the end after various chases. He is played in the film by newcomer Luke Bracey.


In 2008, Mason and Devereaux ran an operation that resulted in the death of a child, an event that would be a point of conflict between the two friends.

Five years later, after Mason unintentionally killed his lover, the CIA labeled Devereaux as a target. Mason later has a lover named Sarah who was also threatened by Devereaux to use as leverage against Mason pursuing him. This made Mason realize just how he had underestimated his mentor.

Devereaux eventually uncovered a plot between CIA overseer John Hanley and corrupt Russian leader Arkady Fedorov. With the help of Mason and Mila Filapova, Devereaux managed to bring the two down for their crimes, with Federov later being killed on his yacht by other unknown political party's sniper gunshot.