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David Lea
DHS- David Lea (The Rock, Con Air & Con Express)
Birthplace: London, England,UK
Active: 1989–present
Films appeared in: Tango & Cash
Demolition Man
The Rock
Con Air
Con Express
Role: Sonny (Tango & Cash)
(Demolition Man)
Stunts (The Rock)
(Con Air)
Mironov (Con Express)

David Lea was born in London, England, Dave Lea has worked with the 'A' list of stars across the globe as an action fight choreographer/coordinator.

Some of the top actors he has worked alongside include: Ashley Judd, Michelle Pfeiffer, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Eric Mabius, Tito Ortiz, Famke Janssen, Emanuel Chiriqui, Cary Elwes, Wynonna Judd and Edward Furlong. Dave personally develops unique fighting styles so that no two actors look the same.

He spent many years traveling the world in search of various fighting techniques before settling in Los Angeles.

His work has been acknowledged by director Tim Burton where he was the fight double for Michael Keaton on Batman and Batman Returns (with Henry Kingi).

He was in three fight sequences with action star Sylvester Stallone in the following movies Tango & Cash (with Kurt Russell), Demolition Man (with Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock), and Get Carter (with Tom Sizemore).