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DHS- Crossfire (1998) movie

1998 VHS cover

Crossfire is an independent 1998 action-thriller film co-directed and written together by Gary S. Lipsky and Joe Zimmerman.


Seeking retribution for the accidental death of his family, Dekova (Andrew Divoff), a wealthy businessman dealing in illegal arms smuggling, attempts to destroy one of America's most treasured symbols, the Statue of Liberty. At Liberty Island with her schoolmates on this fateful day, a charming 11 year-old deaf girl, Gloria (Indira Kupa), accidentally learns of the statue's imminent destruction by reading the lips of Dekova's mercenaries. She seeks the aid of a seemingly kind tourist, Pike (Mitchell Cox), the only man who understands her sign-language pleas. As it turns out, Pike is no ordinary tourist. He is an elite covert operative for the U.S. government, assigned to execute none other than one of Gloria's classmates! Won over by the innocence of the little girl, however, Pike decides to abandon his mission, and stop Dekova before hundreds of people are killed.

When Pike's supervisor, Crane (Tim Thomerson), learns of Pike's defiance, he dispatches an even deadlier assassin, Foster (Gregory McKinney), to rectify the situation. That is, to kill Pike and complete the rest of his mission without any knowledge of his corrupt actions being made known.

Cast of Characters[]


  • Mitchell Cox as Pike

Civilians and Law Enforcement[]

  • Aida Turturro as Miss Pasquantonio
  • Indira Kupa as Gloria
  • Kim Brockington as Elizabeth Bishop
  • Alex Ceppi as LaTorre
  • Bill Chott as Security Guard
  • Gary Fredo as Cop #1
  • Desmond Andrews as Liberty Security #2
  • Reese Hinton as Liberty Security #3
  • April Amato as Hotel Patron
  • Robert Amico as Willie
  • Jen Kranz as Newswoman