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DHS- Crash Dive (1997) DVD cover:poster

Crash Dive is a 1997 independent direct-to-video action thriller. It was followed by an unofficial sequel Counter Measures a year later and inspired other Die Hard scenario films which were set on-board a submarine, such as The Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, Agent Red, Octopus, Danger Beneath the Sea, Depth Charge and Rogue Strike.

It is directed by Andrew Stevens and written by William C. Martell.


When the American submarine "Ulysses" responds to a distress call, the Yugoslavian refugees they take onboard turn out to actually be Middle Eastern terrorists, led by Richter (Reiner Schone). They threaten to destroy Washington, D.C., using the sub's nuclear capabilities if they do not receive $100 million in gold. Former Navy SEAL James Carter (Michael Dudikoff), now a submarine designer, is brought in by Adm. Pendleton (Frederic Forrest) to sneak aboard the ship and defeat Richter.