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Crackerjack 1994 poster
Written by Michael Bafaro
Jonas Quastel
Directed by Michael Mazo
Produced by Lloyd A. Simandl
Alex Wolfe
Starring Thomas Ian Griffith
Nastassja Kinski
Christopher Plummer
Music by Peter Allen
Cinematography by Danny Nowak
Editing by Richard Benwick
Derek A Whelan (uncredited)
Studio Excalibur Pictures
Distributed by North American Pictures
Release Date August 18, 1994
Rated R
Run time 96 min.

Crackerjack is a 1994 adventure film directed by Michael Mazo.

In this movie, troubled Chicago police officer Jack Wild (Thomas Ian Griffith), haunted by the murder of his wife and children, goes on vacation at the mountainside ski resort with his brother Mike Wild (Richard Sali) and his family. When a gang of terrorists, headed by nefarious former East German officer turned white supremacist jewel thief Ivan Getz (Christopher Plummer), seized control of the hotel resort to find $50 million worth of jewelry, Jack becomes the only person who escaped detection and has to confront his past to battle Getz and his men while Mike and hotel's activities director Katia 'K.C.' Koslovska (Nastassja Kinski) tries to prevent Getz from using them to get to Jack.


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Cast and characters[]

Hotel guests[]

  • Thomas Ian Griffith as Jack Wild
  • Nastassja Kinski as Katia 'K.C.' Koslovska
  • George Touliatos as Sonny LaRosso
  • Lisa Bunting as Annie
  • Richard Sali as Mike Wild
  • Frank Cassini as Mario Bracco
  • Frank C. Turner as Oliver Green


  • Christopher Plummer as Ivan Getz
  • Dorothy Fehr as Alex
  • Vladimir Kulich as Stephan
  • Alex Diakun as Kraft
  • Sonny Surowiec as Jacques
  • Scott McNeil as Rex
  • Rob Wilton as Bishop
  • Douglas Arthurs as Sparks
  • Rick Pearce as Schmidt
  • John 'Bear' Curtis as Hannibal
  • Chris Turner as Miller
  • Garvin Cross as Troy


  • William S. Taylor as Morey
  • Duncan Fraser as Colonel Hardy
  • Suzy Joachim as Caroline Wild



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