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The Counter Terrorist Unit (also referred to as the "Counter Terrorism Unit" or "CTU") was an intelligence and law enforcement agency in the United States of America which worked to investigate and prevent terrorist acts within U.S. borders.


The Counter Terrorist Unit was the Department of Homeland Security's intelligence arm, under the National Protection and Programs directorate. The agency was also overseen by the Secretary of Defense. CTU was established after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

CTU was headquartered in Washington, D.C., and established domestic counter-terrorism divisional field offices in major U.S. metropolitan areas. CTU's assignment was to investigate the domestic or foreign terrorist activities inside American borders. All CTU operations were overseen by both Congress and the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Disbandment and ReinstatementEdit

After Day 6, CTU was disbanded following the supposed extralegal activities of several agents and was under investigation for human rights violations. Its functions were then delegated to other agencies, and the personnel had their government clearance revoked. However, following Day 7, CTU was resurrected with the help of Rob Weiss, who convinced President Allison Taylor to reestablish the agency in full capacity.

List of CTU PersonnelEdit

Main CTU Heads/Division SupervisorsEdit

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