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Conrad Haas

Conrad Haas is a supporting villain seen at the beginning of the fifth season of the TV show "24" and is played by actor Jeff Kober.

Character Summary[]

Haas was an experienced assassin, hired by the Sentox conspirators to take out former President David Palmer. Haas was also assigned to take out Michelle Dessler, Tony Almeida and Chloe O'Brian, in order to frame hideaway Jack Bauer for the murders. After another attempt on Chloe's life and having Jack eliminate Haas' henchmen, Haas confessed to killing Palmer. Jack, still in shock from the reveal, ended up shooting the injured Haas repeatedly despite promising to get Haas to a hospital to be treated once Conrad answered their inquiry as to who he had been working for. Jack killed the defenseless assassin in cold blood since he knew Conrad had committed one of the highest crimes imaginable and didn't believe him worthy of seeing the light of day.