"Listen to the *shit* I've had to put up with! "In the past few weeks, Commander Krill has become increasingly hostile to the crew. Possible due to anger over my last reviews of his performance. I recommend he be given a psychological evaluation before taking over his next ASSIGNMENT." Do I *LOOK* like I need a psychological evaluation?"
―Commander Krill to William Strannix [src]
Commander Krill
600px-UnderSiege Silenced22
Commander Krill
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Crew of USS Missouri(formerly)
William Strannix
Profession: US Navy Commander/Right-hand man of William Strannix
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Blown up by Casey Ryback
Played by: Gary Busey
Film: Under Siege

Commander Krill was the turncoat executive officer of the USS Missouri and terrorist leader William Strannix's right-hand man. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Under Siege.

Character BiographyEdit

Lured into the plot by two hundred million dollars to be gained, Krill assists mentally unstable ex-CIA operative William Strannix in the takeover of the Battleship USS Missouri. He was seen spitting in Casey Ryback's soup to spite him and when Ryback angrily retaliated, Krill ordered him to be imprisoned in a freezer. Krill later killed ship Captain Adams while dressed in drag as the battleship was sieged. After the takeover, he realizes they forgot Ryback in the freezer, and he sends men to kill him, but Ryback easily kills both of them. He never knew, who Casey Ryback really was until after this event, when he examined his personal file, that ony the Captain had.

Krill was on the submarine for the later part of the film, helping the submarine crew repair the damage ballast, damaged by Ryback. However, Krill, Luigi, the sub captain and 27 other mercenaries where killed when Ryback sank it by using the Battleship's 16 in. cannons.


Krill is best described as a greedy, selfish and arrogant murderer.


  • He carried a supressed Ruger MKII and a Beretta 92F as weapons of choice.

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