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CineTel Films Inc. is an independent film production company and distributor based in West Hollywood, California and founded by Paul Hertzberg. The company was originally a forerunner to Chicago Teleproductions.

In the early 1980s, Hertzberg, along with Lisa M. Hansen, went to Cannes for the first time and attended would later become MIPCOM. During the festival, the two CineTel executives found themselves with unsalable entertainment shows, with the exception of Hansen's film acquisition The Courier of Death, which sold out quickly. Observing this success, CineTel Films switched its business focus from television programming to feature film production.

The company also distributes to international markets films produced by CineTel Pictures, a separate company, while Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema distributes those films to domestic markets. The company is still bucking trends in the independent film and television business. When many independent film production and distribution companies are scaling down in size, or closing their doors, CineTel continues to grow and expand. In recent years, CineTel has also entered into co-production and distribution deals with Warner Bros., MGM, Miramax, the now-defunct Blockbuster, and Lionsgate Films as well as cable television channel such as Lifetime and the Sci-Fi Channel.

List of Die Hard Scenario Film Releases[]

  • Stealth Fighter (Production Company)
  • Con Express (Distributor)
  • Detonator (Production Company and Distributor)
  • Crash Landing (Distributor)