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DHS- Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong) in Commando


Cindy was the secondary heroic protagonist and an ally to John Matrix in 1985's Commando. She was portrayed by actress Rae Dawn Chong.

Character Summary[]

Cindy was an off-duty flight attendant who suddenly encounters John Matrix, who has just escaped from a flight having silently killed henchman Henriques. Matrix instructs Cindy to follow Arius henchman and career criminal Sully to a Los Angeles shopping mall. Cindy first assumes that Matrix is a maniac, but after seeing him desperately trying to get his hands on Sully, she has a change of heart and henceforth assists him in his endeavour. After a lengthy car chase, Matrix catches up with Sully whom he drops off a cliff to his death.

With Cindy's aid, Matrix learns where his daughter, Jenny, is being held. He then breaks into a surplus store to equip himself with military weapons, but the police arrive and Matrix is arrested. Cindy helps him escape, and after commandeering a seaplane from a nearby marina controlled by Arius, Matrix and Cindy land the plane off the coast of Arius' island hideout. Matrix instructs Cindy to contact General Kirby and then proceeds to Arius’ villa in Val Verde, kills Arius’ entire private militia, and subsequently confronts and kills Arius in a gunfight.

Matrix locates Jenny in the basement of the villa, where she has fled and was cornered by Bennett, who he finally kills after a fierce struggle. However, Kirby arrives with a military detachment and asks Matrix to rejoin the Special Forces Unit, but Matrix declines and departs the island aboard the seaplane with Jenny and Cindy.