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Chris Pine
Name: Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Birthdate: August 26, 1980
Active: 2004–present
Films appeared in: Unstoppable
Star Trek (2013 videogame)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Role: Will Colson (Unstoppable)
Capt. James T. Kirk (ST Into Darkness)
Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit)
Roger Karos (Stretch)

Chris Pine (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor who has appeared in films such as Just My Luck, Smokin' Aces (with Ray Liotta), the rebooted Star Trek series (with Bruce Greenwood), Small Town Saturday Night, People Like Us and Into the Woods. His father is acting legend Robert Pine.