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Chris Ellis
Die Hard 4 actor Chris Ellis
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
Birthdate: 14 April, 1956
Active: 1979–present
Films appeared in: Con Air
Atomic Train
Live Free or Die Hard
The Unit
The Dark Knight Rises
The Guest
Role: B.O.P. Official Grant (Con Air)
Ed Brown (Atomic Train)
Captain Jack Scalvino (LFODH)
Congressman Bruce Gelber (The Unit)
Douglas Cooper
Fr. Reilly (TDKR)
Hendricks (The Guest)

Chris Ellis (born April 14, 1956) is a character actor of over 110 motion pictures and television shows, often embodying the roles of various authority figures or government agents. His credits include: Days of Thunder (with Michael Rooker), Armageddon (with Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi), The Watcher (with Keanu Reeves), Catch Me If You Can, In Enemy Hands (with Xander Berkeley), The Devil's Rejects (with Danny Trejo and William Forsythe), The Memory Thief and The Guest. He has made guest-appearances and recurring appearances on shows such as "NCIS", "Burn Notice", "The Unit", "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "Justified" and "The Mentalist".