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DHS- Michael Paré in Maximum Conviction

Chris Blake is the main antagonist of 2012's Maximum Conviction and the main mercenary leader. He is played by Michael Paré in the film.


Chris Blake is a sadistic psychopath who will do everything he can to get what he wants. In order to do this he amputates Warden Samuel's finger, threatening to cut off another one. He shouts at the top of his voice in order to make Samuels answer his questions immediately.

His motive is mostly money and after detainees Samantha Mendez and Charlotte Walker. After his group and Cross' group team up he flees the scene with Cross pursuing him. In a corridor they exchange gunfire until they both run out of ammo. After discussing with Cross that they both walk away rich, Cross disagrees. Blake attempts to launch an attack on Cross, failing to land a hit. Cross thrashes Blake around dealing him severe damage until he is subdued. After another conversation in which Blake proclaims himself a bad guy and Cross proclaims himself the good guy Cross hurls Blake into the laser mine trap, ending his life and gibbing his corpse.