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Chow Yun-Fat
DHS- Chou-Yun Fat
Birthplace: Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Birthdate: 18 May, 1955
Active: 1976–present
Films appeared in: The Killer
Hard Boiled
The Replacement Killers
Role: Ah Jong (The Killer)
John Lee (The Replacement Killers)
Inspector Tequila Yuen (Hard Boiled)

Yun-Fat Chow (born May 18, 1955) is a Indonesian actor best known for this roles period piece dramas, fantasy epics and the heroic bloodshed films including John Woo's 1992 film Hard Boiled, which along with Die Hard is often considered one of the landmarks for the action genre and has inspired copycats. He reprised the role for the successful video-game follow-up Stranglehold.