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Cheng Zhi on Season 6 of the show 24

Cheng Zhi on Season 6

Cheng Zhi is a recurring supporting villain on the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons of "24" and later becomes the primary villain on the second half of the "24: Live Another Day" mini-series. He is portrayed by actor Tzi Ma in all appearances.

Character Summary[]

Cheng was a Chinese national and former government official that turned to terrorist activities after feeling betrayed by his country.

During Day 4, Cheng served as Head of Security at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles. When Consul Koo Yin was killed during a raid on the consulate, Cheng was appointed by Deputy Consul Su Ming to lead the investigation. Cheng eventually learned from one of the agents involved that Jack Bauer was behind the attack on the consulate and captured him at the end of Day 5.

Cheng was responsible for the torture of Jack Bauer for almost 2 years, after which he agreed to surrender him to the United States. However, unknown to everyone, he also held Audrey Raines captive to use as leverage later. Cheng's acquisition of the Russian FB subcircuit board at the end of Day 6 sparked an international incident between the United States and Russia. He was incarcerated by the United States government and was sent to China for imprisonment, but he managed to fake his own death and escape.

Feeling betrayed by his country, he attempted to cause a war between his home country and the United States through the use of a defense override module during Day 9. However Cheng's plot was thwarted by Jack Bauer who proved him to be responsible for the rising conflict, but not before he ordered the murder of Audrey Raines. In retaliation for it, Jack beheaded Cheng with a katana.