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DHS- flight passenger Charles Wheeler (Frank Deal) in Non-Stop

Charles Wheeler

Charles Wheeler is a supporting civilian character and ally portrayed by actor Frank Deal in 2014's Non-Stop.

Character Summary[]

Wheeler was one of the troubled flight plane passengers who was convinced initially to join Austin Reilly and Travis Mitchell to lead a mutiny against Bill Marks who they were convinced was a mad man holding the plane hostage after viewing the media news leak. After much struggle, Marks was able to convince them that he had every intention to help get everyone out of his troublesome situation and joined him in the hunt for finding the true perpetrator.


In one scene, Bill Marks gets Wheeler caught up, Puts on a seatbelt around his hands, Made him sit on the ground, Wheeler got poisoned appearently.

Dr. Nasir tries getting the poison out, But failing. Not much is happened here.

He appearently got poisoned by Tom Bowen.

Bill Marks eventually finds a poison dart inside his skin, Bill examines it and asks Jen Summers if they saw one around the aircraft or not.