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DHS- Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) promo image

Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies

Charles Robinson a recurring character in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond era of films. He appears in the last three installments: Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. He is portrayed in all appearances by actor Colin Salmon.

Character Summary[]

Robinson is a highly reliable and rather skilled MI6 aide and Deputy Chief of Staff. Dye to being a fairly senior operative in MI6, he's often seen in high level briefings with M and Bill Tanner. It is Robinson whom 007 reports to when he needs to contact HQ. Little is known about Robinson's personal life though other than him being shown briefing and giving Bond vital information prior to his missions and often being seen by M's side while observing the missions that take place via satellite surveillance.

Tomorrow Never Dies[]

DHS- MI6 deputy Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) in 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Robinson is first introduce and primarily seen at the very beginning of the film as Bond escapes from a Russian base after successfully stealing some key information.

The World Is Not Enough[]

DHS- Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) in 007 The World is Not Enough

Robinson is seen here and there but mainly visible near the end of the film when he, R (who has just become the new Q) and M all notice via satellite footage that Bond is having a rather erotic encounter in a hotel with Dr. Christmas Jones.

Die Another Day[]

DHS- Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) in 007 Die Another Day

Robinson appears at the beginning during a realistic training simulation that Bond is participating in and later reappears near the end of the film while working with the NSA and M to help diffuse the growing threats by the main antagonists.