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Champion is a 2000 Bollywood film directed by Padam Kumar and starring Sunny Deol and Manisha Koirala.


The film CHAMPION is a tale about a man who has a quest, a dream to be the best of the best. The film centres on four main characters, namely Rajveer Singh (Sunny Deol), a simpleton from a village in Punjab, whose sole dream in life is to become a super-cop and wipe off all crime. After, training, he gets his first posting at Mumbai for a special assignment. Bubbling with enthusiasm, an arrival, he is shocked to find that his job is to protect a nine-year-old boy, Abbas Khan (Abhishek Sharma). A bodyguard, after all the rigorous training to eliminate hardcore criminals! Abbas is the sole heir to millions of riches left to him by his parents, who have expired in a drastic plane crash. The only threat to Abbas's life is Nazir (Rahul Dev), who has a personal vendetta because of which he venomously stalks the innocent child. Abbas's only guardian is Sapna (Manisha Koirala), who is close to Abbas and his family. Sapna, a vivacious lady and a successful model, is the only source of love, affection and fun in Abbas's life. Rajveer and Abbas hate each other from the world go. Rajveer dislikes this naughty spoilt rich brat for being the cause of his shattered dream of becoming a super-cop whereas Abbas hates Rajveer for curtailing his freedom to do things as he pleases.

Abbas then calls upon his messiah, Sapna, to take care of this dictator in his life and together they play pranks on Rajveer to get rid of him. From here starts a very interesting love-hate relationship filled with fun and laughter, only to culminate into Rajveer and Sapna falling in love and Abbas and Rajveer developing a relationship of understanding by the end of the day where Rajveer is ready to risk everything to protect Abbas from Nazir, the only danger in Abbas's life. But this time Nazir has made several chilling attempts to eliminate Abbas. Now the only way to get Abbas out of danger is for Rajveer to nab Nazir and he does not just that, with a powerful climax to this saga. Rajveer kills Nazir in a thrilling climax, rescuing Abbas.


  • Sunny Deol as Rajveer Singh
  • Manisha Koirala as Sapna Khanna
  • Rahul Dev as Naseer Ahmed
  • Master Abhishek Sharma as Abbas Khan
  • Master Kaivalya Chheda as Abbas's Friend
  • Deepak Parashar as Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan
  • Padmini Kapila as Mrs. Mansoor Ali Khan
  • Vikram Gokhale as Police Commissioner
  • Dina Pathak
  • Rana Jung Bahadur as Pandey
  • Tom Alter as Doctor
  • Kashmira Shah