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"If you don't know where they are, you won't be killing them. "
―Cathy to Judge Anderson

Cathy is the wife of Japhet and a resident of the Peach Trees mega block.

She was portrayed by Nicole Bailey in Dredd.


Cathy encounters Judges Dredd and Anderson when they force their way into her home to avoid a clan patrol. Cathy co-operates with the Judges out of concern for her own family and informs them of a nearby elevator that would take them to a higher level of the building.

While in Cathy's flat, Anderson notices a photo of Cathy and her husband, who is revealed to be Japhet, a low ranking clan member who Anderson had previously gunned down. The photo shows they have a child together. Anderson attempts to apologize but Cathy thinks that Anderson is trying to thank her, and Cathy rudely turns her away, telling her that she didn't do it as a favor to the Judges, only to protect her family. Cathy says that she doesn't want to see them again and Anderson says that she won't. 

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