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Carl Killick was one of Emil Stenz's mercenaries.

He was portrayed by Kevin Rankin.

Early Life[]

Killick was first arrested at age 12 for trying to blow up the local post office for employing what he felt was too many African-Americans.

White House Down[]

He was identified from the video tape and mentioned as a "right wing sociopath". Killick is covered from head to toe in tattoos and is best described as a brutal, trigger-happy redneck extremist with a frighteningly violent personality.

Killick is first seen entering the White House and telling the news about Conrad Cern (who is a close associate of Killick) blowing up the Capitol to Emil Stenz and the rest of the mercenaries. He then bursts into the Blue Room and kills three Secret Service agents, holding the tour group — including John Cale and Donnie the tour guide — hostage in the process. Cale manages to escape, at which point Killick orders another mercenary, Ritter, to find him. After the mercenaries escort several people — including several secretaries and right-wing television personality Roger Skinner (whom Killick claims to be a big fan of) — into the Blue Room, he spotted Cale’s daughter, Emily, who hid in the closet and locked the door. To prevent Killick from shooting her, Emily unlocks the door and Killick grabs her and drags her to the Blue Room, where the rest of the hostages are.

Killick is seen breaking precious White House artifacts and also threatens to kill Emily on numerous occasions. In one scene, Killick is assigned to watch over the hostages and puts his boots on a table from the 19th century. Donnie respectfully protests the maltreatment of aged furniture but Killick responds by using the stock of his Brugger and Thomet ACP-9 sub machine gun to smash a priceless Ming vase given to the president by Queen Elizabeth.

Screenshot 2014-03-23 at 13.56

Killick and his men storm the Blue Room.

Donnie sits down, not wanting more artifacts to be destroyed, although the two have many run-ins over the course of the film. He tries to kill Cale at the end of the film but is bludgeoned to death with a large metal clock by Donnie, who is avenging the destruction of numerous artifacts.


  • If you read the other pages that mention Carl Killick in it, the last paragraph about Killick's fate in White House Down after being beaten up by Donnie is not quite correct. It clearly states that there was a high chance that Killick was killed.

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