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"Me and my boys are cocked, locked and ready to rock."
―Captain Frye [src]

Captain Frye when he arrives with Captain Darrow

Captain Frye was one of General Francis X. Hummel's henchmen and also a United States Marine. He was played by Gregory Sporleder. Additionally, Frye is revealed to be the true main antagonist of The Rock after he murdered Hummel.


Very little is known about Frye's early life, although it is known that at some point in time, he joined the United States Marine Corps. Furthermore, he had risen to the rank of Captain by the time the events of the movie occurred, just like his co-conspirator Darrow.

The Rock[]

After Hummel and his men took over Alcatraz, Frye and Captain Darrow landed on the island with some more men. Notably, Frye and Darrow were the Marines that provoked the gunfight with Commander Anderson and his team of SEALs. Additionally, due to his true psychopathic personality, he was also more than willing to launch the VX-laced rockets at San Francisco, a city of 80,000 people, and also get his hands on the $100 million that Hummel demanded from a military slush fund. It is unknown whether or not he would have shared the money with his co-conspirators.

Due to his dangerous disposition, he can be arguably considered to have been the real main antagonist the whole time.

Mutiny and Death[]

When Hummel changed the coordinates of a rocket that had been fired, Frye, Darrow and Sergeant Crisp were all outraged by what their boss what done. Wanting to both obtain the $100 million and also murder everyone in San Francisco, the three went rogue and provoked a mutiny against both Hummel and Major Baxter. Frye killed both Hummel and Baxter in the ensuing gunfight.

With all of his fellow Marines dead, Frye pursued Stanley Goodspeed. They had a hand-to-hand fight, and when Frye had the upper hand, Goodspeed shoved the final bead of VX into Frye's mouth and uppercutted him, with the latter letting the poisonous gas slowly kill his enemy.

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