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"Excuse me, General. But what about the fucking money?!"
―Darrow to General Hummel before the munity [src]
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Captain Darrow (Tony Todd) in The Rock.

Captain Darrow was one of General Francis X. Hummel's henchmen and the hidden secondary antagonist of The Rock. He was played by actor Tony Todd.

The Rock[]

After Hummel and his men took over Alcatraz, Darrow and Captain Frye landed on the island with some more men. Darrow and Frye were the Marines that provoked the gunfight with Commander Anderson and his SEALs, and when they found a SEAL alive he wanted to kill him.

Mutiny and Death[]

When Hummel changed the co-ordinates for one of the rockets, Darrow, Frye and Sergeant Crisp were outraged by this. They argued with Hummel and Major Baxter and in the end there was a gunfight. Hummel shot Crisp and Frye killed both Hummel and Baxter. Darrow was shot in the shoulder by Baxter. 

He found Stanley Goodspeed disabling a rocket, and he drew his knife and taunted him. Goodspeed, fired the rocket, without the gas and the guidance chips at Darrow, and he was impaled on a post.

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