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Cabin Pressure (also known as Highjack'd) is a 2001 Canadian television film. 

The film starred Craig Sheffer and John Pyper-Ferguson (who appeared together in Roadflower). The film also featured Canadian voice actor Michael Kopsa.


A fully automated commercial jetliner is prepared to make its maiden voyage. Without an on-flight pilot, the craft relies on satellite linking for its course. But when the plane suddenly deviates from its determined route and establishes a circular pattern over Seattle, it becomes evident that the craft has been hijacked by a disgruntled former airline employee who has hacked into the flight's computer system from his apartment, somewhere in the United States. Now, a former discredited Navy pilot and an oddball technician must race against the clock to find where the angry employee is, and regain control of the plane before it crashes into a major city.


  • Craig Sheffer as Peter 'Bird Dog' Dewmont
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Gabriel Wingfield
  • Rachel Hayward as Reece Robbins
  • Winston Rekert as Ty Corbett
  • Françoise Yip as Tammy
  • Jason Low as David Caulfield
  • Nels Lennarson as Jimmy Dupre
  • Neil Schell as Don Parks
  • Gary Jones as Nick Smythe
  • Ed Evanko as Senator Caulfield