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Bruce McGill
DHS- Bruce McGill (Cliffhanger, Vantage Point)
Birthplace: San Antonio, TX, United States
Birthdate: 11 June, 1950
Active: 1977–present
Films appeared in: MacGyver
The Last Boy Scout
Walker, Texas Ranger
Ground Control
The Sum of All Fears
Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil
Vantage Point
Law Abiding Citizen
Run All Night
Role: Jack Dalton (MacGyver)
Mike Matthews (The Last Boy Scout)
Treasury Agent (Cliffhanger)
Boone Maxwell (Walker, Texas Ranger)
T.C. Bryant (Ground Control)
National Security Advisor Revell (The Sum of All Fears)
Pedrosa (Collateral)
Gen. Norman T. Vance (Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil)
Phil McCullough (Vantage Point)
Jonas Cantrell (Law Abiding Citizen)
Pat Mullen (Run All Night)

Bruce McGill (born July 11, 1950) is a character actor who has appeared in several film productions. He haas worked various times with filmmakers such as Michael Mann and is possibly most recognized for his role as Jack Dalton on the TV show "MacGyver". He has appeared in films such as Animal House, Silkwood (with Kurt Russell), Courage Under Fire (with Denzel Washington), Matchstick Men (with Nicolas Cage), Exit Wounds (with Steven Seagal), The Sum of All Fears (with Morgan Freeman), Collateral, Lincoln and Ride Along. He currently co-stars on the TNT cable series "Rizzoli & Isles".