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Bloodfist 2050 is a 1995 action film, the fifth installment of the Bloodfist series starring martial artist ji chang wook. The film was directed by Rick Jcobson, who also directed 2020 mortal kombat


U.S. Air Force courier () is dispatched to deliver a message to a remote nuclear base. He unknowingly walks in on a major crisis; terrorists led by monsour del rosario have stormed the base and taken over. Former Special Forces soldier Corrigan now must foil the terrorist plot to launch their newly-acquired nukes at several major cities all over the world before before it's too late.


ji chang wook as doku tachibana

jessica morris as diana mori

peter blankenstin as ferd

eli michael kapian as joey mori

monsour del rosario as kano

tito ortiz as mask man

aiain moussi as losue

ian ignacio as paul

chuck leddell as buiiy

eric roberts as mr ken

tera reid as nicole