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Senator Blaine Mayer

Blaine Mayer is a recurring politician character on the seventh season of "24" and is portrayed by actor Kurtwood Smith.

Character Summary[]

Mayer was a Senator who conducted an investigation of human rights violations committed by the disbanded Counter Terrorist Unit in Washington, D.C. As a result of this, he had Jack Bauer on trial to answer for the various actions.

Later in the day, he is one of the various White House hostages seen in the takeover orchestrated by General Benjamin Juma.

After the hostage crisis is resolved, Mayer's opinions on Bauer still hadn't swayed but his mind on Bauer was changed on how he operated and how Bauer had been set up by Mayer's employee Ryan Burnett. In that instant, Mayer was assassinated by Jonas Hodges' assassin John Quinn in another effort to frame Bauer. Bauer once again found himself on the run after having killed Quinn in fight at a construction yard and reuniting with Tony Almeida on another discreet mission to figure out the days' conspiracy and it's loose ends.